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So today was pretty infuriating.

In case you’ve been sleeping, Donald Trump’s budget is an ode to meanness. Programs that help people? Goodbye. Programs to assist the poor, the sick, the injured? Goodbye. Programs that educate, enlighten? Goodbye. Environmental policy? Goodbye.

In their place: More money for the military, as well as tax cuts for the wealthiest. It’s sinister.

And yet, people remain … what’s the word? Oh, right. Dumb.

Take Charla McComic, for instance. She’s the woman pictured above, and this is a passage from today’s Washington Post:

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.46.48 PM

Charla is a teacher. Ponder┬áthat one …

She taught young children how to think.

  • Sanford Sklansky

    I left a message on her facebook page. However since we are not friends I am not sure she will even see it. I just told her Obamacare was still in effect. Just goes to show how misinformed people are.

    • Brandy Alexander

      I couldn’t find her fb page. I’d say she saw enough messages to delete her page by now.

  • Ted Mark

    Have a Quaz with Charla after all her benefits are ripped from her and her family by Trump.

  • Anon E Moss

    I’m sure by now she knows she’s the latest face of “stupid trump supporter”

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