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Free Tank Carter


So once per week or so, when I’m sitting in front of the computer and feeling especially egocentric, I Google my name.

Never a good idea.

Today, I found two things. One was someone slamming Boys Will Be Boys (Grade D!?). The other was this. It’s from a blog called Free Tank Carter. The writers on the site originally bashed me a bunch of weeks ago, when I mocked the Pirates. They didn’t like me then, and they certainly like me now.

Oddly, I find the blog really enjoyable. Do I enjoy being bashed? Not really. Well, not at all. But I suppose it beats the alternative, which is having your stuff ignored and passed over.

Coincidentally, judging by the 0 comments beneath almost all of Free Tank Carter’s posts, the site is ignored and passed over. But it shouldn’t be. The guys who run it are funny, sharp and sorta irksome. Which is exactly what they should be. So give ’em a read. You’ll like it.

  • Jim

    I believe the fact that you Googled your own name will surprise absolutely no one.

    • Jim, I assure you I’m far from alone. I just admit it. :)

  • Jim

    I wouldn’t know. My name is Jim Kelly. If I google my name all I get are Buffalo Bills quarterbacks, black karate stars, and Golf Channel announcers.

  • sanford sklansky

    Is it journalism 101 to check and see if some one is dead before you try contacting them.

  • That’s a pretty good review of your book. I especially liked how he spent most of it writing about himself.

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