Jeff Pearlman

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I Love Awkward Conversations

Am sitting in Starbucks. There’s a guy who works here  who drives a motorcycle. He just arrived, and is still wearing his cycle jacket and holding his helmet.

A customer walked in—woman probably in her early 60s. She spotted him as she waited on line.

“What kind of motorcycle do you drive?” she asked.

“Kawasaki,” he replied.

“Nice,” she said.

“Yeah,” he said.


“Well,” she said, “let the good times roll!”

Awkward chuckle. “Eh, yeah,” he said. “I guess.”

The end.

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Once again, Jeff Pearlman has produced an exhaustively researched, elegantly written book that re-creates one of the most colorful and memorable teams of the modern era. No basketball fan's bookshelf will be complete without it.

— Seth Davis, author of Wooden: A Coach's Life