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Jadah Cortez

This Salt Lake City-based hypnodomme has a thriving career, a fat wallet and enough clients to keep her fed and well-traveled (as well as a supportive family and boyfriend) The key? Staying honest and sincere. POSTED December 15, 2016


Anyone who reads the Quaz series knows I have a Q&A thing for athletes, politicians, actors and sex workers.

Why? Because the stories are always riveting, the dialogues mesmerizing, the insights into the psychologies of life and death and sex raw and, often, on point.

Enter: Jadah Cortez.

Today’s lucky 287th Quaz Q&A lives in Salt Lake City, where she has a boyfriend, a pad and a thriving career in the field. You can follow her on Twitter here, and find her product here.

Jadah Cortez, you are the Quaz …

JEFF PEARLMAN: OK, so your business genuinely fascinates me. But what fascinates me most is that—in a profession where 99 percent seem to use fake photos, hidden identities—you make your own videos, pictures, etc. Does this not concern you at all? Couldn’t it bite you in the rear? You apply for, say, a job at a law office, they Google Image you. Or, years from now, you’re a PTA mom …

JADAH CORTEZ: My entire family and friends group knows my career (yes, you heard that correctly, career) choice. When I introduce myself to people and they ask what I do for a living I tell them I am a pro-dominatrix, as it’s easier to explain than to say I am a lifestyle Goddess. The thing is, let’s say I ever do find myself wanting to go down a more mainstream path, though that is highly unlikely, I’m okay with this being a large portion of my past. Sex workers are discriminated upon so often and its highly disturbing. If a company can’t accept a previous sex worker than it is very clearly not a company I would like to work for. This is the same thought process I hold with friends and family—’If you are not okay with what I do than I am not okay with you.’ Sex work needs to stop being criminalized. Women are getting beaten trying to make a living and end up getting blamed for being a prostitute, because obviously they chose that life right? Its sad, it truly is. I’m knowledgeable enough on the topic to make someone feel idiotic at best for trying to attack this part of my life, and outspoken enough to be able to put someone in their place in any way. I love who I am, and I stand by sex workers. Hiding from it only causes the stigma to grow, and I refuse to allow that to happen. That didn’t flow all too well but my mind was running a million places at once.

J.P.: How did you become “Goddess Jadah”? Literally, what was your path from womb to now? How did it come to you as a profession? When did you start? And who are you? I know you live in Utah, but … married? Kids? College? Dog owner?

J.C.: Well, I suppose the story would have to start from childhood. I’m an only child, extremely intelligent, beautiful, and a knack for having things go my way. Growing up I had two loving parents who raised me and nurtured me to the best of their ability. It was adorable actually, there was kind of a friendly competition of who could spoil me the most. Whenever I got into an argument with one of my parents, the other would step up and take me out. My dad would take me to get ice cream or video games while my mother would take me to get new clothes and shoes. It was a win/win situation. I never lost; I guess I got used to this mentality.

However, the problem would be in my Hispanic background. My parents stepped away from the cliche Mexican ideals but my grandparents held true to them. I was always expected to get married young, have kids young, graduate high school and be a stay-at-home mom. This was not my desire and it put some stress on me, though my parents assured me I could be whatever I wanted to be. Moving forward, I excelled in school. I was an almost straight-A student and graduated high school as the head of my cross country team, a lovely 3.7 GPA, a few college courses in film writing under my belt, a full-ride education scholarship (so room and board not included) to one of hundreds of schools across the United States, and hundreds of hours of volunteer service at the local shelter. I was excelling in every aspect of my life, however I was not happy.

I feel in doing all these things I lost myself. I was in the ‘perfect’ relationship—also which must be noted. He was a star athlete, prom king, and all those other things women fawned over. He treated me like I deserve, constant letters of adoration, daily walks to and from school as his work schedule allowed, and everything else a woman could desire. I still wasn’t happy. At the time I was living in California and left to a school I had never heard of, which I later found to be a Historically Black University, in Virginia. I turned down the opportunity for a full ride at UCLA because I didn’t care. I had already decided that I didn’t want to be society’s version of perfect as that is not who I truly am. I am perfect, and being someone I am not could only taint my perfection.

I completed my first year of college, however, and got perfect marks (minus the fucking B I got second semester in calc) but I had a meltdown. I guess to truly find yourself you need to lose yourself, and that’s exactly what happened. I lost the woman I knew I was and I was scared I would never find her again. I left school and my scholarship and my then-fiance. I jumped into a new relationship with an officer in the military who I didn’t care about, but he was a safety net until I figured out my next move. He was my first experience in D/s relationships. He answered to my every call as we lived together and waited on me hand and foot. I never held his hand and rarely kissed him. I had my couch and he had his. He begged for my love and I wouldn’t give it to him. Over time I grew bored as my sexual desires grew and he was unable to satisfy me correctly due to his smaller-than-average penis. I ended up sleeping with other men, all of whom he knew about, and he seemed strangely aroused by the situation.

I researched online what was going on and found the world of cuckolding by complete accident. Somehow a few articles and clicks later I stumbled across Niteflirt, and Goddess Jadah was born. This isn’t my real name of course, but I do not fear using my real name once I know a boy and if he’s ever curious. Regardless, I am simply referred to as ‘Goddess’ or ‘Princess’. I was a bit past 18 at the time, and now a month away from 22 I can say that I am beyond happy. Here in Salt Lake City I live with my adorable doggy Lucky, my boyfriend (who is very aware of what I do and is so supportive it’s not even funny—he actually helps me with clips quite often), and that’s it. We moved here a little over a month ago because we wanted a new adventure.

Finally, as I have taken a lot of time to answer this question already, I will note that “Who are you?” is a rather hard question. I’ve answered how I got here but not who I am. I would say I’m the woman you walk by and crash into a pole due to captivation. The woman who can break you apart with a glance, but somehow always knows how to piece you together even better than before. The one who knows your weaknesses and has fun pulling at your heart strings. The woman every good boy needs in his life.


J.P.: Your Twitter tagline is, “You need me. Fate has brought you to my feet.” And I get the words from a business standpoint. But, from past Q&As I’ve conducted, it’s clear that there’s an addictive element here. Do you worry about taking advantage of one’s addictive tendencies? Are you worried about ruining relationships, hurting a marriage, etc?

J.C.: Not at all. I have never had this fear and I don’t think this is a good time to start. I understand limits. I can read a person so clearly that I know when to push and when to pull. To this day I have had two marriages end and I am so happy for it. Neither of them were a, “Leave them for me” situation but rather a truly toxic relationship that needed to end and I was the one who was able to help my customers through it. One gal was struggling with her male identity. She knew deep down she was female and also knew her wife would never agree. I was able to help her past it, her self hatred for being different. I was able to make her realize that she can be the beautiful woman she had always known she was. The other was just an unhappy marriage in general. Due to the nature I will not speak on it, but I am also glad it has ended. Beyond those two incidents I have always drawn lines of where I will not cross myself personally, and where my boys don’t want me to cross.

Addiction is real—I have a boy who’s currently in a lot of debt from his old Mistress. He felt into an endless cycle and it took a while for him to break free. It took him a long time to trust me but he does now, fully. I control his finances and am making sure every month a large chunk is set aside for debt. I could easily be selfish and only allow him to pay the minimum, or I could realize how weak he is and put him deeper in the hole, but as his Goddess it is my duty to make him the perfect good boy, and a debt free happy life is part of that.

J.P.: Is Niteflirt a good or bad thing for you?

J.C.: Amazing. It’s my main platform. The percentage they take is nothing when you realize how much money its drawn in for me. I’m one of NF’s top performers, and am very regularly in the top 1 percent on their (they give out semimonthly reports showing your bracket). I woke up this morning to a couple hundred in clip sales on there, along with a $100 amazon giftcard from a good boy who would not know of me be it for Niteflirt. They take a hefty 30 percent but if I worked a storefront I could expect similar fees.

J.P.: Why do you think there are so many pornographic/sexual sites catered toward men for every one for women? Are we simply more desperate? More pathetic?

J.C.: I think boys are weaker. Did you not hear about the guy who fucked a McChicken? Boys will fuck everything. Women have a plethora of men who would give the world to sleep with them. There have only been two guys in my entire life that I truthfully wanted to sleep with prior to the situation that resulted in sex. One was my ex-fiance, one was my now boyfriend of over two years. I wouldn’t say I pursued either of them by any means, but more so that prior to them jumping through hoops to impress me I already had it in my mind I would sleep with them. I make money off of men’s weakness. However, arousal is largely a mental stimulation more so than a physical one. Men are idiots and have a hard time differentiating which is why so many boys do things they wouldn’t do in a non-aroused state compared to an aroused state. You control their cock, you control their mind. Once you have that under your belt it’s just full mind control due to the lack of distinction in the male mind.

J.P.: I have this image of you doing a call, and a guy is jerking off, doing whatever he does, and you’re picking your toes, watching Friday Night Lights re-runs with the volume off. Is that the case? Ever? Or how do you do your calls? Where? What’s the mindset?

J.C.: I have strayed away from the sign in, get random calls, sign off. As this point its more of a preset session. I get a message we set up a time and go from their. Most of what I do are either cam calls or audio hypnosis calls. Both which require my full attention. I love what I do. Looking through some of your things you seem like a sports guy so look at it this way, would you mute the game and read a book? Of course not! You get so drawn in to the game doing anything else would have to wait until commercial break. That’s what sessions are to me.

J.P.: I’ve gotta ask: How does the family feel about your profession? Was there a moment you told them? Explained? What was that like?

J.C.: My mother is more of a don’t ask don’t tell. She knows what I do, but I am her daughter and nothing will ever change that. My father, on the other hand, finds it interesting. Whenever I joke about what he’s getting me for holidays or my birthday’s his instant response is, “But you’re rich! Tell on of you fans to get you stuff!”—to which we both laugh. Of course he still gets me stuff, but he just likes poking fun at me. He doesn’t agree with it, but he refuses to have any avenue between us unopened. If I tell him I’m busy making clips he tells me to call him after, if I tell him I’m going on a vacation he laughs and asks how much of it is covered by my ‘fans’ (all of it of course) and what not. He’s a sweetheart and I’m his one and only child. He loves me, I’m safe, and I’m not mooching off of them financially, what more could parents ask for?


J.P.: Erotic hypnosis via phone seems a bit of a stretch. Like, is it legitimate hypnosis? Are people truly hypnotized, in the traditional sense? Or is it more of a role play? And do you have any sort of hypnosis background?

J.C.: Actual qualifications I have none, though I do plan on getting some certification in 2017. I have been interested in hypnosis from a young age. Elementary school I had trouble sleeping and my mother used to play hypnosis clips for me. They were all food based to lose weight as that’s all she had on cassette. But, regardless of the topic I fell in love. It was so interesting to me getting lost in the words and the art of it all. The first time I ever experienced hypnosis was beautiful. Once I had awoken I can honestly say I had never felt so full of happiness in my life. It was something I listened to regularly and I became interested in the subconscious mind. Of course I grew up the internet became more prevalent. Life hack: If you need to read a book for school, play the audio it in your sleep on repeat for a week. I did this all through high school after being submersed in the strangeness of the subconscious mind. I got 100 percent on every single reading comprehension test without ever actually reading a word. I did hypnosis for a year as practice free of charge until I felt comfortable with my talents. At this point, if anyone questions I just refer them to my clip “Goddess of Love—Your Life’s Purpose—Hypnosis” which can be found on my Niteflirt, or any other clip site for that matter. After that file you’ll have the answer yourself.

J.P.: Best story from your career? The one that stands out in your mind …

J.C.: Oh gosh, there are so many. I will quickly name a few with little details. I’m a Goddess, you can’t put these sort of restraints on me!
• The boy who I had never spoken to but bought my MacBook pro and only messaged me to inform me.
• The boy who did a 45 minute role play all by himself. He simply wanted me to listen to him over the phone act out like four different roles in a sex scene.
• The boy who wanted to be hypnotized into feminization, and when I started producing the sensation of his chest expanding he started screaming at the top of his lungs right in my ear and saying his Hail Marys.

• A boy who called daily for months to play me a song on his guitar and sing to me.
The list could go on forever.

J.P.: I’m obsessed with death. It often consumes me—the reality that, ultimately, I will cease to exist for eternity. I’m guessing this doesn’t particularly bug you. Why? Why not?

J.C.: As an atheist I have some fear, but its minimal. I’m not worried about being forgotten, as those who have known me will take my memory to the grave. I am not worried about death as in my mind it will be equivalent to prior conception. There was nothing, there will be nothing again. I don’t recall pre-birth as being a negative experience, as I do not recall it at all. Just as I feel post death is also nothing. I don’t visualize it as a dark empty space, I literally visualize it as nothing.



• Rank in order (favorite to least) American cheese, Arian Foster, pop-up VW vans, “Jurassic Park II,” corned beef, Huey Lewis, tablecloths, Cindy Lauper, poetry, The Nutcracker: VW vans (I actually just sold my orange 82′ vanagon with the full pop up tent with all the mini kitchen in tact prior to moving here), American cheese, poetry, Cindy Lauper, corned beef, The Nutcracker, Huey Lewis, “Jurassic Park II”, tablecloths, Arian Foster (mainly because I had to look him up so he is irrelevant to my life”)

• Ever thought you were about to die in a plane crash? If so, what do you recall?: Oh yes. Planes are actually one of my greatest fears. I was flying from Norfolk Virginia to D.C. and it was a tiny little plane as it was a connecting flight to a big airport. The turbulence was the end of me as we were in a huge storm. The over voice informed us we were landing so seat belts need to be buckled and what not. We started going down, about half way to the run way the plane immediately jerked up and we started going back up. It felt like we were going up for hours. I swear I thought the plane was hijacked. No voice came on the intercom and every one was confused, except me. I was terrified. Well, turns out they couldn’t land as the storm was screwing up visibility so we had to return to Norfolk and try again in 2 hours, which ended up fucking up my connecting flight from DC to Texas, and Texas to Oregon. I was pissed and shaken up. But they compensated by giving me a large sum of money in food vouchers, hotel stay, and limo service.

• Are big penises really so much better than small ones?: Yes.

• What’s the sexual taboo that troubles you the most?: Pedophilia. Don’t touch kids, don’t think about kids, don’t do anything. They’re innocent.

• One question you would ask Rand Paul were he here right now?: Funny enough, one of my previous submissives works with him personally. I have no questions for him as I have no interest in someone who will willingly be part of returning to the days when the only option for women was coat hangers.

• Donald Trump is president. Your emotions in exactly 17 words: That’s a sperm that should have ended up in the trash. He can’t even control his hair.

• Can you explain the longstanding popularity of pumpkin-flavored everything?: I’m unsure. Its an epidemic that has swept the nation, yet I fail to see why.

• Five reasons one should make Salt Lake City his/her home: I live here, its the safest big city in America, the economy here is booming and there’s jobs around every corner, there’s little pollution for so many people, its extremely affordable compared to the California prices I’m used to.

• Five things you always carry in your purse: Pepper spray, lipstick, my cell phone, pocket knife, and mini utensils

• Would you let your kids play tackle football? Why or why not?: Sure. Kids should be active. Always let, never force.

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Once again, Jeff Pearlman has produced an exhaustively researched, elegantly written book that re-creates one of the most colorful and memorable teams of the modern era. No basketball fan's bookshelf will be complete without it.

— Seth Davis, author of Wooden: A Coach's Life