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John Rocker+Guns=Happy

John Rocker is, I’m guessing, a half full sort of guy.

He looks at the Holocaust and thinks, “Boy, if only those 6 million Jews had 6 million guns, there’d be 6 million people who hadn’t died.”

I, on the other hand, am a half empty sort of guy. I look at the Holocaust and think, “My great-grandmother was killed in a concentration camp, and my grandma and grandpa had to flee their native land for America. How tragically awful.”

That’s all I have to say about that.

  • Chris

    As I recall, the Japanese lived under the second amendment in 1942 and 1943. Fat lot of good it did them.

  • Dave

    The mass shootings like Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, both Colorado area shootings, et al seem to get a lot of play in the U.S. and of course at that time the pro/anti gun movements heat up.

    Where is the similar outrage for the fact that Chicago had over 500 murders, a 25% increase over 2011? The majority of those also gun related. Other cities in the US have similar numbers.

    Or is the outrage only reserved for mass shootings?

  • Bobby Fetter

    Firearms training should begin in elementary school and be mandatory. It is a right of passage. Instead of spending billions to take away our guns, let’s spend the money on training. If every citizen was carrying and skilled with a gun, there would never ever be any crime again.

    • Jeff Pearlman

      that’s ludicrous

  • John

    How is that ludicrous? Don’t just throw out words, explain mr. Pearl man.

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