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Mike Leach


Let’s start with the IF.

If Mke Leach, Texas Tech’s football coach did what he is accused of doing …

If Mike Leach locked a player with a concussion in a dark room as a form of punishment …

If Mike Leach locked a player with a concussion in a dark room as a form of punishment—twice …

If Mike Leach did what Adam James says he did, he must never coach a college football team again. Not a Division I program desperate to win and willing to give a man a second chance. Not a Division II program looking to provide the venue for a widely-covered comeback story. Not even Division III, where the coaches are often high school-caliber. Never, ever, ever, ever.

But even if he coated Adam James’ body in Cheeze Whiz, locked him in a basemen and fed him to 10,000 rats; even if he forced Adam James to mop the Texas Tech bathroom floor with his tongue; even if he shoved a broomstick through his eye sockets and forced him to dress up as John Oates for Halloween … even if he did the absolute worst things imaginable to man, Mike Leach will get another chance to coach college football.

And that is a sad thing.

  • Darrin

    I think you’re right, Jeff, BUT… I think the day is coming.

    As steroids were to the 2000s, concussions (and player injuries in general) are going to be to the 2010s. You, and others, are doing gallant work on this.

    Coaches who behave this way will eventually get stomped out.

  • Milam

    The bottom line is that he is still the coach if he had apologized to Adam and Craig..Winning means everything..especially in Texas. The man just got to big for his britches and it bit him. He learned a valuable lesson and he will get another chance to coach somewhere. Athletes have endured alot more than this student. I feel we haven’t heard the whole story and probably never will. The Red Raiders had a great year playing football except for the Texas A & M game but now the story is Leach sends James to the shed…what a sad ending.

  • Darrin

    Only reason we haven’t heard whole story is because Leach has lawyered up like a punk.

  • Milam

    Looks like the “lawyered up” coach just gave his side of the story to ESPN’s Rece Davis…lets see if Craig and Adam James have the cojones to do the same.

  • Darrin

    What the hell do you think they have been doing? And golly gee, multiple players are coming out now and saying, “Good riddance.”

    Leach is a clown. He fancies himself a throwback who is probably pissed off because no one lets him deny water as a punishment any longer.

  • Greg Milam


    Please take a minute or two and read the emails..these are from individuals who knew both coach Leach and Adam James. Thanks to CBS Sports for providing these detailed accounts.

  • milam

    I can’t seem to find the multiple players saying “good riddance” to Lech unless you are counting adam james and his father as players????

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