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Not Tweeting is weird

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I’m only two days into not Tweeting, and here’s the weirdest part: I always feel like Tweeting.

A thought enters my head; an observation of some type—and I immediately want to share. Politics. Sports. Social. Last night, while watching Raptors-Warriors, it occurred to me that Steph Curry is basically playing with the Knicks. I thought that was a keen insight (it really was not), and needed to be presented widely.

But I’m not Tweeting, so I didn’t Tweet.

And the world continued.

This is a good exercise. Maybe limiting myself to one Tweet per day could be wise. Or no Tweets on certain days. I wanna tale my brain back.

  • John Zeleznik

    Every few years I give up social media for Lent….I’m a drastically lapsed Catholic with questions but I tend to take Lent very seriously for some reason…and I find it liberating but frustrating for the same reasons as you. This year I missed the whole Mueller Investigation wrap up. I will still post links to my blog via social media but I’m pretty good about it. I actually write down tweet ideas on Post-its or in my writing notebook to share later…if they are good. And sometimes they are.

  • tenn tom

    Give it up before your head explodes!

  • Paul C

    So, basically, you are admitting that you don’t stop and think before you press “send.” Goof on ya.

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