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Owning Bowe Bergdahl

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In case you missed this, earlier today Bowe Bergdahl pleaded guilty to desertion and endangering the United States troops sent to search for him in Afghanistan eight years ago.

Um, yeah.

In 2014, Bergdahl was released from Taliban captivity when Barack Obama freed five detainees from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for his return. After Bergdahl was freed, Susan Rice (Obama’s national security adviser) said he had served with “honor and distinction,” and the president appeared with his folks in a White House ceremony.

Double um, yeah.

This was a screwup. A huge screwup. Many right-leaning folks are having a social media field day on this—as they should. What was the Obama Administration thinking? I’m not sure, but my guess is that, politically, they loved the optics. Here’s a president, acting all commander in chief-ish, rescuing an American soldier from harm’s way. Then, when it started to unravel, the White House double downed and defended the indefensible actions. Lives were risked to save Bergdahl. That’s a tough one to digest, and Democrats need to accept the stupidity of it all and owe up.

Of course, in the coming hours Donald Trump will rip into Bergdahl; refer to him as a traitor and a con and a fraud.

Which is ironic.

But, hey.

  • Jordan Moses

    Obama also likely saved his life. Deserter or not, if given the opportunity we should act to get him out. Not a politically savvy decision, but the right thing to do

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