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Two Writers Slinging Yang

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Two Writers Slinging Yang is my weekly podcast, featuring a one-on-one conversation with writers of myriad mediums and genres. Why is it called “Two Writers Slinging Yang”? Well, it sorta made me laugh—mixing what should be a pretty solid and dignified conversation between two practitioners of a craft with one of my all-time favorite terms for talking shit. So, yeah.

I started the podcast in 2017 using the now-defunct software. When that went down I switched briefly to Anchor, and now record using ringr. Although the majority of the guests pertain to sports, I want to continue to diversify and branch out.

You can visit my iTunes page for every episode, my Overcast page for every episode, my Google Play page for every episode or click on individual links below.

Episode 78: Steve Buckley, The Athletic scribe and author of the greatest story ever: On Stanley Teeven and going back in time; on coming out via column; on the kindness of Robert Kraft.

Episode 77: Les Carpenter, Washington Post Redskins beat writer: On jumping into a beat without much warning; on whether it matters if players know your name.

Episode 76: Kimberley A. Martin, Yahoo Sports NFL writer: On leaving a dream job for another dream job for another dream job; on breaking through NFL players.

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Episode 75: Melissa Schuman, former singer from the pop group Dream: On writing a blog post about being raped by a Backstreet Boy—and the backlash that followed.

Episode 74: Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star: On listening to every … single … word uttered by Donald Trump—and chronicling it all.

Episode 73: Ian O’Connor, ESPN senior writer: On his new biography of Patriots coach Bill Belichick; on profiling someone when that someone has no interest.

Episode 72: Elaina Plott, The Atlantic staff writer: Breaking down her amazing profile of Heidi Cruz, wife of Sen. Ted Cruz.

Episode 71: Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated soccer writer: On his rise from Miami Herald intern to SI star; on his love of the world’s game; on being mugged at gunpoint.

Episode 70: Gary Myers, former Daily News NFL writer: On how the National Football League has made itself increasingly difficult to cover; on Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

Episode 69: Tyler Tynes, SB Nation staff writer: On his amazing piece about Donald Trump, sports and race in America.

Episode 68: Stephanie Apstein, Sports Illustrated baseball writer: On her amazing Chris Davis profile; on having players know who you are.

Episode 67: Ellie Douglas, horror writer: On why blood and guts make her happy; on how to scare via words.

Episode 66: Jeff Pearlman, big loser: My wife, Catherine Pearlman, talks to me about my new USFL book, “Football for a Buck.”

Episode 65: Mirin Fader, Bleacher Report writer at large: On emerging in a tough profession; on finding confidence of voice; on tracking the Ball Family to Europe.

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Episode 64: Michael J. Lewis, retired journeyman sports writer: On leaving the business; on why the profession no longer worked for him.

Episode 63: Lesley Visser, pioneering NFL journalist: On what it was to be the first female NFL beat writer; on dealing with pigs; on covering tragedy on a football field.

Episode 62: Dana O’Neil, The Athletic senior college basketball writer: On working the locker room; on getting coaches to open up; on John Thompson and Jim Calhoun.

Episode 61: Chris Nashawaty, EW film critic: On writing about cinema; on the beauty of Caddyshack.

Episode 60: Gary Smith, former Sports Illustrated writer: On Richie Parker and Radio; on finding a person’s makeup via reporting; on flip phones and leaving the magazine world.

Episode 59: Richard Sandomir, New York Times obituary writer: On the art of the obit; of defining a life lived in 800 words; on his book about a classic Gary Cooper film.

Episode 58: Mike Vaccaro, New York Post sports columnist: On jousting with a Mets general manager; on the rush of Big Apple competition; on Yogi Berra and his father.

Episode 57: Emily Block, South Florida Sun-Sentinel community reporter: On being 24 and entering a rough profession; on having your work lifted; on a genuine passion for reporting in the aftermath of Parkland.

Episode 56: Maurice Patton, Columbia (Tenn.) Daily Herald sports editor: On whether the small-town newspaper still matters; on being let go from a big paper at age 50; on loving high school athletics.

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Episode 55: Jonathan Martin, New York Times national political writer: On the buzz of the presidential election; on #fakenews when the news is real; on politicians behind the curtain.

Episode 54: Mac Engel, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist: On the craziness of Jerry Jones; on leaning left with a right readership; on whether columnists still matter.

Episode 53: Lane DeGregory, Tampa Bay Times Pulitzer-winner feature writer: On the story of a feral girl and the family that didn’t care; on finding pieces that move people to tears.

Episode 52: Ken Rosenthal, The Athletic MLB writer: On whether age matters when working the beat; on life with Cal Ripken, Jr. during the streak.

Episode 51: Candace Buckner, Washington Post Wizards beat writer: On John Wall and Bradley Beal and the NBA life.

Episode 50: A.J. Cassavell, Padres beat writer: On covering a bad team and staying sane; on working the clubhouse.

Episode 49: Tommy Shaw, Styx singer/songwriter: On writing the perfect song; on Mr. Roboto; on lyrical bliss.

Episode 48: Steve Rushin, Sports Illustrated veteran: On writing a back-page column; on toying with words; on arctic golf.

Episode 47: Jose de Jesus Ortiz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist: On discovering a voice in a new town; on dealing with online hate; on profiling the widow of a pitcher.

Episode 46: John Pavlovitz, blogger/pastor: On evangelical Christianity and Donald Trump; on writing with passion; on building an audience.

Episode 45: Dave Coverly, cartoonist: On being funny; on writing huge messages in few words; on the comedy of Mike Huckabee.

Episode 44: Jane McManus, former ESPN football writer: On going through a very public layoff; on moving on from ESPN; on covering Rex Ryan and the Jets.

Episode 43: Elizabeth Weil, New York Times Magazine writer: On the 70-year-old Polish kayaker who captured her heart and imagination.

Episode 42: Nicole Auerbach, The Athletic college basketball/football writer: On covering March Madness; on locating nuggets in reporting.

Episode 41: Alan Sepinwall, Uproxx television writer: On great TV v. bad TV; on reviewing with precision and depth.

Episode 40: David Maraniss, Vince Lombardi biographer: On discovering a person’s life; on writing amazing books.

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Episode 39: Joel Sherman, New York Post baseball writer: On working a Major League clubhouse; on the good/bad of Albert Belle.

Episode 38: Keldy Ortiz, Bergen Record crime/police reporter: On developing relationships with police; on arriving at tragedy.

Episode 37: Danny Wallace, author of “F You Very Much”: On the rude hot dog waitress who inspired a book; one why manners have vanished.

Episode 36: Jenny Vrentas, senior writer: On the latest Super Bowl; on covering huge games and huge events; on finding stories while surrounded by 1,000 other writers.

Episode 35: Chris Palmer, longtime NBA writer: On covering the Ball family; on bias in media; on social media and the damned if you do v. damned if you don’t nature.

Episode 34: Chris Ballard, Sports Illustrated writer: On the heartbreaking saga of Monty Williams and the joy of Jamal Crawford.

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Episode 33: Drew Snyder, minister: On how to write the perfect church sermon without sounding overly judgmental.

Episode 32: L. Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated editor/writer: On breaking down subjects, on the Carolina Panthers scandal.

Episode 31: Tyler Kepner, New York Times baseball writer: On the fraud that was ARod; on covering a young Ken Griffey, Jr.

Episode 30: Joel Anderson, ESPN writer: On finding Michael Sam’s father; on writing with sensitivity and decency.

Episode 29: Chip Scoggins, Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist: On covering the Vikings as they march toward a Super Bowl; on the little girl who stole a coach’s heart.

Episode 28: Rick Reilly, former Sports Illustrated/ESPN writer: On uncovering insanity at The Citadel; on the cigarette-smoking, dog shit-ignoring Cincinnati Reds owner.

Episode 27: Kaira Rouda, best-selling novelist: On writing a book without knowing how it will end; on outsourcing the sex scenes for a romance novel.

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Episode 26: Jessica Luther, freelance sports writer: On her groundbreaking piece on the Baylor football scandal; on the ballet dancer who was raped—and open to discussing it

Episode 25: Jodie Wagner, Palm Beach Post sports writer: On two decades of preps reporting; on breaking a dazzling story on local high school football recruiting; on what to bring to a press box and how to respond to angry coaches.

Episode 24: Catherine Pearlman, author of “Ignore It!”: On landing your own book deal; on writing advice.

Episode 23: Chantel Jennings, The Athletic college football writer: On how writing one letter changed the course of her career; on profiling a pass-catching bibliophile; on rising straight from her college paper to ESPN.

Episode 22: Chuck Creekmur, co-founder: On facing artists when they don’t want to see you, on Jay-Z and Jay Electronica and Eminem and Vic Mensa, on a kid from Delaware living his dream.

Episode 21: J.A. Adande, Northwestern’s director of sports journalism: On teaching the art of sports writing to the Twitter generation, on Iverson at Georgetown, the Fab Five at Michigan and life after ESPN and the Los Angeles Times.

Episode 20: Jack McCallum, former Sports Illustrated writer: On the Sports Illustrated dream, on the death of Len Bias, on Jordan, Bird, Magic and on his riveting new book, “Golden Days.”

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Episode 19: Dana Golberg, standup comedian: On writing funny from life’s experiences, on leaving the lights on for a blind chihuahua and reexamining Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious.”

Episode 18: John Branch, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times writer: On the Facebook post that turned into the most gripping piece from the Las Vegas massacre, the avalanche that brought forth thousands of words and his love-hate relationship with the craft.

Episode 17:  Jonathan Eig, Muhammad Ali biographer: On uncovering new details about The Greatest, convincing sources to talk when they have nothing to say and saying hello and farewell to an icon.

Episode 16: Tom Junod, ESPN senior writer: On “The Falling Man,” inside the planning of Muhammad Ali’s funeral and a day with Mr. Rogers.

Episode 15: Chely Wright, country music star: On writing good songs v. great songs, the riddle of rhyming and why one should visit as many truck stops as humanly possible.

Episode 14: Wright Thompson, senior writer: On digging into a subject, tackling Michael Jordan’s mortality and seeking out enlightenment inside the Cleveland Indians’ clubhouse.

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Episode 13: Rick Jervis, USA Today Texas-based reporter: On the rigors of covering Hurricane Harvey, the fear/euphoria of embedding with troops in Iraq and the yin and yang of a life in print.

Episode 12: Jemele Hill, ESPN writer/personality: On TV v. print, dealing with online nastiness, recovering from errors and making it in a rough business.

Episode 11: Dylan Gwinn, Breitbart sports editor: On working for the arch-conservative outlet, his stance on liberal media bias and why Colin Kaepernick deserves his exile.

Episode 10: Jessica Huseman, ProPublica national politics and civil rights reporter: On surviving a terrifying flight, covering Donald Trump and the art of the journalistic cold call.

Episode 9: Kevin Van Valkenburg, ESPN senior writer: On Twitter beefs, social media brain decay and Michael Phelps’ bong.

Episode 8: Lee Jenkins, Sports Illustrated senior writer: On two men and one profile of USC quarterback Sam Darnold.

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Episode 7: Mike Tollin, award-winning producer, director, writer: On Varsity Blues and Summer Catch and Radio; On 30 for 30s.

Episode 6: Marcus Thompson, The Athletic’s Bay Area writer: On writing a Steph Curry biography; on leaving newspapers after 18 years; on the preposterousness of Rocky v. Clubber.

Episode 5: Russ Bengtson, former Slam Magazine editor: On LeBron, A.I., Starbury, Shawn Bradley, dead snakes and the merging of hoops and hip-hop.

Episode 4: Paul Kane, Washington Post congressional correspondent: On the weirdness of Trump, the savvy of McConnell, the Beltway highs and lows.

Episode 3: Susan Slusser, San Francisco Chronicle Oakland A’s beat writer: On covering a perennially bad team, the flaws of Moneyball and life with a young Shaw.

Episode 2: Howard Beck, Bleacher Report NBA writer: On the modern world of pro hoops, leaving newspaper for the web and enduring James Dolan.

Episode 1: Howard Bryant, senior writer: On uncovering the intricacies of Hammerin’ Hank, fighting racism in sports media, writing with brilliance.

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Once again, Jeff Pearlman has produced an exhaustively researched, elegantly written book that re-creates one of the most colorful and memorable teams of the modern era. No basketball fan's bookshelf will be complete without it.

— Seth Davis, author of Wooden: A Coach's Life