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This feature—a question-and-answer session with a person from sports/entertainment/politics/whatever—will appear every week on If you have any suggestions/ideas for people to speak with, hit me up at I’m listening. Oh, and for the full categorization of every Quaz, click here.


Menachem Ickovitz

He is the the greatest Cleveland-centric, New York-based Orthodox Jewish sports writer of the past 100 years. He is the only Cleveland-centric, New York-based Orthodox Jewish sports writer of the past 100 years.


Steve Bennett

Nine years ago, when no one knew the word “podcast,” he launched The Sports-Casters in order to interview his favorite journalists. Despite myriad health problems and the demise of Pearl Jam (Sorry Steve—it’s true), he continues to produce one of the nation’s best listens.


Christopher John Farley

He could have starred in “Coneheads,” but instead turned to a career as one of America’s great journalists and authors. His new book, “Around Harvard Square,” is the next step in a standout scribe’s rise.


Goddess Kitty

She’s a pot-smoking poetry lover who works retail in the early mornings and capitalizes “Me” when referring to herself. How a sex-loving Kentuckian transitioned into the world of online financial domination.


Tom Alexander

He was the official team reporter for the Orlando Apollos, experiencing the greatest professional joy of his lifetime. Then, without warning, the Alliance of American Football folded before the season could end. This was not the twist he was hoping for.


Michael Kupperman

He’s the author of “Mark Twain’s Autobiography: 1910-2010”—a tale in which Twain is still alive due to a spell cast by a wizard. He named his son Ulysses. Conan O’Brien says he has “one of the best comedy brains on the planet right now.” So why is this man writing seriously about his dad?

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