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This feature—a question-and-answer session with a person from sports/entertainment/politics/whatever—will appear every week on If you have any suggestions/ideas for people to speak with, hit me up at I’m listening. Oh, and for the full categorization of every Quaz, click here.


Kaira Rouda

While this prolific best-selling author is married to a United States congressman, she spends much of her time speaking with Jane, David, Betsy and the other characters who fill her pages—and her mind.


Kate Grahn

This up-and-coming singer/songwriter was raised on the set of “General Hospital,” has two singles about to appear in the “Pretty Little Liars” spinoff and sees Donald Trump as a worthless buffoon. So we can forgive her (this time) for knowing but one Pearl Jam song.


Michael Chime

When this Yale University undergrad isn’t playing defensive line for the Bulldogs, he’s teaming up with three classmates to develop and distribute a new app that protects students and faculty members during potential episodes of gun violence in schools. What have you done with your life?


Sweeny Murti

This son of Indian immigrants long dreamed of having a Harry Kalas-like impact on the way we watch and listen to baseball. Eighteen years after taking over the New York Yankees beat at WFAN, he’s come closer than he surely realizes.


Menachem Ickovitz

He is the the greatest Cleveland-centric, New York-based Orthodox Jewish sports writer of the past 100 years. He is the only Cleveland-centric, New York-based Orthodox Jewish sports writer of the past 100 years.


Steve Bennett

Nine years ago, when no one knew the word “podcast,” he launched The Sports-Casters in order to interview his favorite journalists. Despite myriad health problems and the demise of Pearl Jam (Sorry Steve—it’s true), he continues to produce one of the nation’s best listens.

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