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This feature—a question-and-answer session with a person from sports/entertainment/politics/whatever—will appear every week on If you have any suggestions/ideas for people to speak with, hit me up at I’m listening. Oh, and for the full categorization of every Quaz, click here.


Jeff Bradley

He was one of America’s terrific baseball writers—until ESPN kicked him to the curb. After hitting a career nadir, this member of a sports royal family found himself as the head of media for Toronto FC, as well as the leader of a glove revolution.


Lara Fowler

Why would a film researcher and historian write a book on a largely forgotten actress who last walked the earth more than five decades ago? Answer: Passion and love.


Jon Springer

The author of a new book about the worst team in baseball history (Go, Wilmington Quicksteps!) is a long-suffering Mets fan with a not-so-secret passion for all things Jeff McKnight.



We spotted him working the stage at an Asian festival inside the Orange County Fairgrounds. The music was loud, the beat infectious. Five people were paying attention—and yet, this performer brought his A game. How? And … why?


Giana Nguyen

Sometimes your kid’s piano teacher is actually a pop standout in disguise. And sometimes that piano teacher’s voice reminds you of Mariah Carey. And sometimes her life story personifies the American dream.


Kyle Aletter Oldham

Her mom is Catwoman. Her dad starred in “Bringing Up Buddy.” She was a “Love Boat” guest star who worked as a model on “The Price is Right.” In other words: The perfectly quirky Quaz.

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