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This feature—a question-and-answer session with a person from sports/entertainment/politics/whatever—will appear every week on If you have any suggestions/ideas for people to speak with, hit me up at I’m listening. Oh, and for the full categorization of every Quaz, click here.


Samm Hodges

He created “Downward Dog,” one of the most creative new television shows of the last decade. Then ABC cancelled it, because originality and open-mindedness have no place on network TV. God, that just pisses me off …


Jeff Capo

The longtime professional wrestling referee once got hit in the eye with a rivet, and won’t flinch twice when asked to mop up blood in the cage.


Brian Riedl

The Manhattan Institute senior fellow worked on Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign and was the lead architect of Mitt Romney’s deficit-reduction plan. Which leads to one pressing question: Given the opportunity, what one question would he ask Willie McGee?


Alisa Colley

She’s been inside Donald Trump’s “tacky” house. She was hit by a baseball bat swung by Derek Jeter. She’s seen Steven Seagal (yuck) and Tom Hanks (great) doing their work. So what is it to be a film crew veteran of more than two decades? In a word—unique.


Jeffrey Mora

This standout chef has cooked for Shaq, Kobe Bryant and Metta World Peace while also twice representing the United States in the Culinary Olympics. So why is he all about serving food from a truck? Easy—everyone deserves a good meal.


Ryan O’Neil

This Kenyon College junior is the backup point guard for a Division III basketball team in the midst of a 1-21 season. So what is it to lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose, and lose? To be blunt: Not fun.

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