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The biggest asshole Tweet ever

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.45.36 AM

For my money, the biggest asshole Tweet of all time was written today by Donald Trump, Jr. Here it is …

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 10.44.54 AM

Why the biggest? Because it combines everything into one absolute entitled dip-shit moment.

• 1. On the day a beloved Democratic senator decides to do the right thing and resign, you jab a knife into his heart.

• 2. On the day a beloved Democratic senator decides to do the right thing and resign, you jab a knife into his supporters’ heart.

• 3. Who are you? Truly, who the fuck are you? You’re not the silver-spooned, five-deferment, fake-university-creating, conspired-with-Russia-to-steal-an-election president. You’re the do-nothing, silver-spooned son of the ilver-spooned, five-deferment, fake-university-creating, conspired-with-Russia-to-steal-an-election president. You have accomplished nothing for yourself. Nothing. Again—who are you?

• 4. It’s just … mean. Not smart, not clever. I mean, the quote (mangled, by the way) doesn’t even relate to the situation. It’s not like Franken used his speak to say, “People still like me.” No, he was resigning from the Senate in shame. And you decide to pile on. Just because dicks be dicks.

• 5. Your dad groped … how many women? How many wives did he cheat on? This is not a position to stand on, Junior.

• 6. Roy Moore.


  • Ted Mark

    Take your shots while you can, Junior. If Mueller stays on the case, you’ll be joining Kelley soon–or Manafort, with an ankle bracelet.

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