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The worst giveaway of all time …

Jon Wertheim, my good friend, former Sports Illustrated colleague and one of the best writers I know, excitedly said to me today, “Do you want to see the worst giveaway ever?”

Sure, I replied.

So he forwarded me this:

Just so I get this straight: In an age where their industry is crumbling, the good folk at Jet Blue will allow you to wake up early on a Saturday morning for the privilege of, uh, waiting on a line at one of the world’s worst airports to see if, ahem, the line works? And, as a reward, they won’t charge you for parking (and provide lunch)?

Either Jet Blue thinks we’re morons—or we’re morons.

  • And what do you think the odds are:

    – They’ll lose your baggage.
    – Your flight will be late.
    – They’ll run out of water.

    And don’t you think it’s ominous they say “you will not…leave the building during the trial run.” Even if you want to!

  • Daiji

    And with such brilliance, you have to wonder why the airline industry is always in trouble.

  • I think people will do anything for a free lunch.

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