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U Will Be Found


I never told anyone about this, but after Sweetness was excerpted in SI, someone started this Twitter account:

I wasn’t nervous. But there is something about reading “U WILL BE FOUND” that is a tad disconcerting. You’ve got a wife. You’ve got kids. Etc. Yet, truth be told, threats aren’t what they used to be. It used to take hard work to threaten someone. You’d have to call, or write a letter—and both of those methods were extremely traceable by the authorities. Nowadays, any schmuck with some anger and a laptop can Tweet vicious stuff, or fire off an e-mail from a fake account at a nearby Kinko’s or Mac Store. It’s easy, and thoughtless, and not a big deal.

I’m just babbling. Point is—threats aren’t what they used to be.

  • jmw

    Let it go.
    Wow you keep bringing this stuff up, it must be eating you alive.
    Now you just gave the clown doing this the glory he is looking for.
    You know in his mind you are quivering at every sound, frightened of every stranger.
    Plus you have just given him motivation for more.
    Let it go.

  • Lee Horton

    You should find this person, call them, and make her or him the subject of your next quaz.

    • Jacob

      Heh…That would be something. You could always pick me!

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