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Was I wrong to bark in a movie theater?

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Tonight the family went to see Wonder Woman (which, for the record, I very much enjoyed).

About, oh, 90 minutes into the film, someone one row up, five seats to the right, started texting on his┬ácell phone. The screen was big (for a cell phone) and bright. I found it annoying and distracting, gave it about a minute then hollered, “Can you put your phone away!”

It wasn’t stated lovingly.

For my money, the declaration was a no-brainer. Mid-movie cell phone usage is bullshit. Everyone knows it’s bullshit. It’s distracting, selfish, crappy. So … hey. Yet when I turned to my left, the wife was horrified. Like, not slightly horrified. H-o-r-r-f-i-e-d. And the kids were somewhat-to-very much embarrassed.

But I don’t feel like I did anything wrong.


  • Gregory Hardy

    Just don’t do it in a movie theater in Florida.

  • Gorfabb

    Your wife is wrong.

    A person who whips out a cell phone in a theater and begins texting has no regard for others, does not understand the concept of shared space, and will likely misinterpret politeness. You need to be firm, direct, and loud so the message is received the first time it is delivered.

    Your mistake was asking. “Put your phone away” is sufficient.

  • Robbymack87

    I agree with you saying something after a minute, if I was your wife I’d have been horrified as well because of the breaking of silence

  • tenn tom

    I think you are wrong. Say something afterwards if it bothers you that much.

    • Sanford Sklansky

      I don’t think it helps to say anything after the fact. As an old guy, I remember there being ushers in the theater. There is really no one to go to these days. By the time you would find some one you would probably miss ten minutes or more of the movie.

  • Ted Mark

    I applaud what you did. Just remember to wear your protective vest next time.

  • Bennett Kugler

    You were right, the cell phone person is an idiot

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