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Why Tiger Woods matters


The never-ending news coverage of Tiger Woods’ car accident continues, and continues, and continues—for one reason.


In other words, people want to know—are dying to know—whether Woods was cheating on his wife, and with whom (Rachel Uchitel? J.R. Richard? My uncle?). They don’t care about the car accident; about poor driving; about broken windows and shattered headlights and all the jazzy jazz that accompanies everyday crashes.

No, they care about the sex. Tiger Woods having sex with—who?

I, for one, don’t care. At all. I loathe these stories. I never pay attention, even when they’re all but force fed to the masses. Anna Nicole Smith? Have no clue about the details. Never listened. Britney Spears-K-Fed? Have no clue about the details. Never listened.

This stuff just isn’t my thing.

  • I’m not trying to be difficult, but didn’t you write TWO books on rather poorly-behaved sports teams? If those are, in fact, different situations, I think it’s only in order of magnitude, not principle.

  • Classicist

    People want to know whether their love for a celebrity was misplaced. The most interesting aspect isn’t whether or not he cheated on his wife but whether or not he is a fraud in general.

  • Cowboy’s Fan

    “I loathe these stories. I never pay attention, even when they’re all but force fed to the masses.”

    What is your book about the Cowboys remembered for? Charles Haley’s “hardware.”

    Can you lay off a bit on the sanctimony, Jeff?

  • donna

    Doesn’t everyone argue with their spouse? Sometimes it may get a little crazy? No? Do we need to find out if he was really cheating? Do we need to know if she was batting his windows out? Seriously…aren’t there more important things to talk about? Think bigger people. No wonder why the world is falling apart. We are too worried about whats going on in someones bedroom rather than getting to know who’s living next door to us. We should take a little re-visit to that ‘ol word – priorities-.

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